Proverbs 3:9 "Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops..."

Jesus taught that our money is an indicator of our hearts and Paul taught that if we are loved by God and love Him in return we would give cheerfully, sacrificially and regularly. God's Word calls us to cheerfully give our first fruits to the local church as an act of worship to Him. Each of us is called to worship God with our entire life, including our time, talents and treasure. Sharing those resources is an important way to worship the Giver of all good things. We pledge to be good stewards of your gifts, taking great care in how we manage and track the resources entrusted to us. The Bible teaches that God is the Owner of everything, including our money and possessions. When we give, we give back to God what He already owns. Our giving is an indication of trust, discipleship and commitment. We believe the minimum Biblical standard for giving is 10%, commonly called a "tithe." Jesus Christ had more to say about money than almost any other subject in the Bible.